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Here is a repository for my writings and
projects other than graphic-design.
  1. My George (pdf)
  2. John Stewart Memorial (site)
  3. "Drop Football Now" editorial,
    Univerity of Tampa newpaper,
    The Minaret" Feb 1975
    Awarded Outstanding college
    editorial of 1975. (pdf)
  4. Decades, Centuries and Millenniums_
    2019-10-04 by Karl Funds
  5. ESPN Suggestions_
    2019-09-28 by Karl Funds
  6. Why The Universe┬┐ Gravity & Energy!
    • Gravity & Energy
    • The Atom
    • Dimensions
    • Black Holes and Dark Matter
    • White Holes
    • Time
  7. Why Earth is Not A Planet!
  8. Brain & Ego [at draft]
  9. Life, Death & Afterlife [at draft]
  10. COVID-19 or just waiting to be saved!_
  11. Own The Foul Line or the Zen art of Free
    Throws [at draft]
  12. Aliens (from space) not SyFy) [at draft]
  13. Relationships [at draft]
  14. Space ship redesign and laurches
    and landings not SyFy) [at draft]
  15. Science Fantasy:v Science Fiction [at draft]
    • Warp speeds
    • Transporters
    • Wars
    • Ships for space wars
    • 99% of life will be on
      moons, not planets.
    • Space Invaders
    • Space travel will prosper
      when a planet has multiple moons which support life, and movement between these moons florishes.
  16. The University of Tampa Football and me.

To Move Forward

There is a difficult path ahead for this country. The person in the president’s office provides no leadership or vision. The answer will not come from the top.

Perhaps as a people we reset all “judgement “ to zero. Start over with every one equal.

Everybody works to be “A Better Person.“ To be “A good human” is an honor.

We all strive together and force this attitude up the ladder to the top. Save your vote for those who support being better.

“A better person” is a lifetime path.

  • Do No Harm

  • Be kind

  • Help when you can

  • Don’t intimidate.
    Don’t be a bully

The past can not be changed. Learn and let go. Move Forward using all that energy for positive emotions. Peace. Love. Happiness.

It was tried 60 years ago and squashed by those in power. This time it might work. Here’s hoping.

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